Do you know all of these Adobe products and what they do?

30 in 30 Dec 3, 2020

...This article is still developing!

Apparently, Adobe has over 100 lists of software products scattered among the web, desktop, mobile, and server. In this article I will try to list the ones that I think you should know's quite a lot still

Before I begin this extensive list, it's important to note that there a lot of Adobe products that are no longer maintained or in development. They have pretty much been killed by the Adobe Team, I am not going to talk about those. They may include products like Adobe Flash, Adobe Edge, Adobe Muse, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Story Plus, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Encore, Adobe Fuse, etc. The production and development of all those and many more is long gone.


Most of the products I am gonna explain here do fall under their different suites or clouds as they call them. Most of you might already be familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud, but do you know there is also Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud? Adobe Creative Cloud also known as Adobe CC is a collection of all of Adobe creative line of products...and one can choose to buy a license for one individual product or for all of them.

Sometimes (actually a lot of times!) it can be confusing to differentiate between several Adobe Products. People can confuse between Photoshop and Illustrator or Lightroom and Photoshop for example.

You might even question yourself why does Adobe has so many products that kinda do the same thing. Beginning video creators might wonder about After Effects and Premiere Pro

The aim of this article is to introduce you to the so many wonderful Adobe products and know exactly what each Adobe product is used for. It's true one software can do pretty much what the other software does...but it's always great to use the specific tool that was made for the job.

I will try my best in this article to list almost all Adobe products, and to make it easy to follow I will categorize them into the following groups:

  1. PHOTO

The following are different lines of Adobe products that can be used to edit and manipulate photos.

Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is used for photo editing, compositing, digital painting and graphic design. It's such a powerful application. You can even do animation in Photoshop. It's used by both Artists and photographers and pretty much everyone. You can make posters, ads, wallpapers, etc.

Adobe Photoshop Elements – If Photoshop is overwhelming for you, start with Photoshop Elements, it's a simpler version of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Express – This a Photoshop mobile app. If you wanna do editing on the go using your Android or iOS phone, Photoshop Express is your guy. It's interface resembles the desktop app. Photoshop Express "is intentionally built for mobile device photography"

Adobe Photoshop Camera – Another mobile app...this one according to Adobe is like having photoshop inside your camera. It's an intelligent camera app that has best lenses and effects for your photos.

Adobe Photoshop Mix – Also a mobile app, and is supposed to bring Photoshop seriousness to mobile devices. It offers some photo enhancing and advance imaging.

Adobe Photoshop Fix – I think soon Adobe will run out of names, okay Photoshop Fix is used to adjust images to perfection, doing things like healing, lightening, color adjustment, etc.

The main difference between Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix is that Fix is used for photo retouching and enhancing your images WHILE Mix is used for compositing, you can combine images and cut out backgrounds with it.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Lightroom is a photo editor for both desktop, mobile and web. It's used to edit, organize and store photos. Lightroom is built for photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic – Lightroom Classic is only available for Desktop and it's pretty much like Lightroom but is generally recommended for experienced photo editors.

I have to admit, Adobe products are need to dig a bit deeper if you wanna get a clear distinction between their confusing line of products!


Now is the time for all the Adobe products used for videos, let it be editing, rendering, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro – This is the industry standard for video editing. You can edit video in any format using Premiere. Because of its advance uses the learning curve might be steep.

Adobe Premiere Rush – This is both a Desktop and mobile app. It's mainly used to create and edit videos on the go. Easier to use than Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects – After effects is mostly used for motion graphics and visual effects. You can create cinematic movie titles, intros, transitions, and even some animation too.

Adobe Prelude – It's made to work with Premiere Pro, and is used  for tagging media and logging data, also to generate rough cuts that can be sent to Premiere Pro. Best for media organization and metadata entry

Adobe Media Encoder – Mainly used for transcoding and rendering. It can output to almost any format imaginable. Using Media Encoder you can export videos to YouTube, Vimeo, DVDs, Mobile Phones, and TV

Adobe Premiere Elements – This is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It's tailored to novice users. It should not be confused with Premiere Rush as Rush is mostly tailored to creating social media videos from the comfort of your portable mobile device. Premiere Elements is a full-featured consumer video editor only not as powerful as Premiere Pro. However, it still has a lot of features.



...This article is still developing!


Ami Amigo

Ami Amigo (pseudonym) is one of the main contributors to this blog. He is a tech aficionado, developer, blogger and an online instructor. Ami Amigo studied Computer Science and Philosophy in college

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