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It's not safe to assume that everyone is aware of the numerous free products offered by Google. So I would like today to explore their so many products including web apps and mobile apps. Give them a try, they can actually be better than what you're currently using. Most importantly almost all of these are free of charge and they are available for all platforms like web (through web browser), Android or iOS.

I will start with the basics, then move on to lesser-known products.


This is one of the primary Google products. To use most of the other Google Products you need to have a Gmail account. Gmail is a free email account and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have one. A Gmail account will easily give you access to a lot of other products since you won't have to create a new account for each. Gmail accounts come with 15 GB of storage.


Google Chrome is a web browser by Google. At the moment Google Chrome has the biggest market share of all web browsers. So you won't be left alone if you use Google Chrome. As a matter of fact, if you have any problems or glitches with your current web browser you should definitely get Google Chrome.

So you have a Gmail account and you using Google Chrome as your web browser what's next.

Well, the following products will come so handy once you have Gmail and in fact, they come with each Gmail account. Almost all these apps can be used on your browser as a web app or on a mobile phone as an app


Google Docs is a word processor by Google. Just like Microsoft Word, Google Docs allows you to edit and format word documents. One big advantage of Google Docs is the fact that it's free and also it comes with your Gmail Account. This is how you open Google Docs in your Gmail Account...

Just like you see below open your Gmail account and while you're there click the square dots on the top right corner that will bring a drop-down menu with Google Apps. Do you see that app written Docs? Open it and play's just like any other word processor and your changes are saved automatically and they remain in your Google Account. You can also export your word document to PDF, Microsoft word document, etc. You can also share the file with other people too

Google Docs Highlighted


Google Sheets is Google's answer to Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app that allows you to do calculations, data analysis or just arrange your data in tabular format. Google Sheets is also available in your Gmail account and you can access it just like you access Google Docs. In the picture above you can see that Sheets is just beside Docs. Try Google Sheets next time you wanna make a table or organize your data. Sheets is also available as a mobile app


Google Slides is a presentation software just like Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides can be used to make slides and online presentations and you can also export them to PDF or share with friends. Google Slides completes the whole office suite made by Google which comprises Google Docs and Google Sheets. In the same photo above, you can see the Slides app. Have fun with it.

Ok, now we're done with the office suite let's move to other Google software that you may make use of.


Google Drive is like your online storage drive. Just like you have an external drive or flash/thumb drive to store your files, you can use Google Drive for the same use. The advantage here is that Google Drive is free and is available online, so your files can be accessed from anywhere. With a free Google Account (when we say Google Account we just mean your Gmail account), you get 15GB of free storage.

Google Drive integrates pretty well with other Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Whenever you're using these products and saving your files you're utilizing a portion of your free Google Drive storage.

Also, you can upload your own documents, files, photos and videos to Google Drive from your computer. You can upload individual files or the whole folder. Google Drive also allows for collaboration and sharing of your files with other people.

If you need more storage, you can always upgrade and pay to get more storage, their plans start at 1.99/month and you get 100GB of storage. You can pay and get up to 30TB if you need that amount of storage. When you sign up for this service you can even add family members or friends to your online storage and everyone will have their own segment.

PLEASE NOTE: If your school or university uses G Suite, now called Google Workspace (This is a paid subscription of Google Apps that give people more features and apps), I believe you get unlimited Google Drive storage for as long as you keep using that Gmail account offered by your institution. So make use of it! It's free storage! See below what I can store using my university email which uses Google of course...

Google Drive through Educational Institutions


Not a lot of people know about this great app by Google. Google Photos used to offer free photo and video storage to all its users. Recently they have changed some of their policies and from June 2021 Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage. When you use this app on your phone it automatically syncs all your photos and videos to the cloud. So you don't have to worry when you lose your can always have access to your memories. Google Photos also can edit and organize your photos and make searching for things, places or people so easy. Access Photos on your web browser or download it as a mobile app


One of my favorite Google Apps. You can translate a lot of languages to your preferred language using Google Translate. Actually, Google Translate is the first result that comes app when you want to translate anything on Google Search Engine. You can use Google Translate as a web app or even install it on your phone. For quick access you can just open it the same way you open Google Docs as I have shown above. As of today Google Translate offers translations to more than 100 languages.


This beautiful software by Google allows anyone to start a blog. Have always wanted to start a blog? Try Blogger. Blogger is a free Google publishing service that you can use for free to create blogs. You can make use of their so many free templates to easily get started. Google gives you free storage and free domain for your blog that will end with ''. Blogs are coming back...Create your blog using Blogger today.


Maybe you are not so much into blogs and you wanted to create a website. Google Sites is a website creation tool that is offered for free. You don't have to have any knowledge of web designing or coding...Sites is an easy drag and drop tool that you can use to make a website in less than 10 minutes. Give a try to their numerous templates to build your next website. Also mind you that probably you won't be able to make a robust website, but if you just need a personal site or a portfolio or a simple business page, Sites will enable you to do that.


If you're into organizing and planning your schedule, Google Calendar is a great free online calendar from Google. It links directly to your Gmail account or you can use it as an app on your phone. Google Calendar allows you to easily manage your time and schedule your day. You can also create, edit events and set reminders. You can also invite other people to your events through Google Calendar. To access Google Calendar open your Gmail account and under Google Apps on your top right corner click Google Calendar.


Do you like Podcasts? Well! Google has got a very nice product called Google Podcasts. You can find almost any podcast here because it's considered among the top Podcasts software. Google Podcast is available on the web or you can download it as a mobile app


Google Keep is a note-taking service. You can access it on the web using your Google account or you can download it as a mobile app. Like many of the other Google apps, It's also available on both platforms iOS and Android. Google Keeps doesn't only allow for text notes, you can add images, and audio. What is even cooler is the fact that Google Keep can scan and extract text from your images and your voice recordings can be transcribed. You can also pin your notes or color-code them. Google Keep is definitely worth a try!


Google Meet is a video conferencing software. It's available as a web app and you can also download it for free on your mobile device. Google Meet allows video meetings of up to 100 participants. So instead of Zoom, give Google Meet a's free! It's pretty easy to set up meetings using Google Meet


Google Chat is a communication software that's made for teams. You can form group chats, do instant messaging, collaborate, form channels, etc. It's Google answer to Slack or Microsoft Teams. In Google Chat you could also easily start video meetings using Google Meet or you can easily share files under Google Drive. Google Chat is available on the web and on your mobile phones.


Last but not least, use Google Forms to create surveys. You can create surveys in different forms such as multiple-choice questions, short or long answers, etc. It's one of the easiest ways to collect information from users. You could also easily export the results of Google Forms survey to a spreadsheet. Again, Google Forms is free.

Of course, I am not to talk about all Google Products, those are just a few I thought you should know about. For a full list of all their products, check out this link: Google Products


If it doesn't exist...Build it yourself


Ami Amigo

Ami Amigo (pseudonym) is one of the main contributors to this blog. He is a tech aficionado, developer, blogger and an online instructor. Ami Amigo studied Computer Science and Philosophy in college

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