How To Transfer Your Domain From GoDaddy To CLOUDFLARE

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Maybe you're wondering why should you move your domain to Cloudflare. There are a few good reasons.

Unlike many other domain registrars, Cloudflare is governed by good business principles you could say. What do I mean by this? If you have ever bought a domain, you know how it normally goes. You first buy your domain at a very cheap price, only to be surprised a year later by an expensive renewal fee. Sometimes the renewal fees can be over 10 times the discounted first price or if you're lucky it can be double the initial price but not below that.

Cloudflare thought that was kinda a 'bait and switch' trick by these companies and they believe something better has to be done to customers. That said, Cloudflare has the fairest pricing policy of any registrar. When you move your domain to them you get charged the same price which is pretty much the lowest since they give you the domain at a wholesale price with no markup.

The other reason on why you should move your domain to Cloudflare is because they won't upsell you to other stuff that you don't necessarily need like trusted seals for example. Cloudflare believes some of the services  other domain registrars upsell when you buy your domain should be offered for free by the domain registrars. Here am talking about things like SSL certificates. Cloudflare offers SSL for free, you don't have to buy that separately.

If you're still interested to learn more about why Cloudflare is the best registrar, please visit this blogpost.

PLEASE NOTE: Cloudflare doesn't sell domains as of today, You need to have bought your domain somewhere else and then transfer it to Cloudflare. Also mind you that newly registered domain names can't be transferred before 60 days have passed.

Okay, enough talk. Now how do you transfer your domain to Cloudflare.

Register a Cloudflare Account

Go to and sign up for an account. See below

Then put your email address and password as you can see below

Cloudflare Account Creation

Then you will be directed to the following page. Here you have to enter your site name or domain name. For example: or, you don't have to put the www or https.

Enter Site Name

After you have entered your site name you will be directed to this page where you have to pick your plan. Pick a FREE plan.

Cloudflare Plans

Then click the Continue button.

After that you will be directed to the following page where your DNS records will be listed.

DNS Records

Click the Continue button and you will be directed to this page that will show you how to change nameservers in your Registrar's account

Nameservers Instructions

After this stage, then you have to visit your domain registrar so that you can remove the nameservers that you see in the picture above and replace them with Cloudflare nameservers. Please note the exact nameservers you see on the picture above may be different from what you see on your end.

GoDaddy to Cloudflare

If you have registered your domain through Go Daddy, follow the following steps.

First, Go to and log in

GoDaddy's Sign In Page

After you successfully sign in you should be directed to the following page that shows the products you have with GoDaddy. If you can see your products immediately...just click your name on your top right and then select 'My Products'

GoDaddy My Products

As you can see above you will see a section named Domains and you will see your available domain name. If you can't see it immediately just scroll down a bit.

Now click on the three vertical dots on the domain card that you see and should you should see the following options

Then click on Edit Settings.

You should be directed to the following page that shows your Domain Settings:

You might have to scroll all the way down to see this section which has additional settings

You need to do two things under this section. First you have to turn the Domain lock from On to Off

Then you have to click the option to the right that says "Transfer domain away from GoDaddy"

Upon clicking the second option you will be led to the following page

GoDaddy Domain Transfer

Click the 'Continue with transfer' button

Then you will be directed here:

Domain Ready For Transfer

The above picture shows that your domain is ready for transfer, please take note of the Authorization Code. This code will be used at the very last step with Cloudflare to solidify the transfer of the domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. The code has been sent to your email too.

After this step, click your name on the top right corner, then click 'My Products'. See below...

After clicking my products you will be led to a familiar page just like the one below

Manage DNS Option

So when you click the three vertical dots you should see the options pop up, click the one that says "Manage DNS"

You will be directed to this page:

GoDaddy DNS Management

Now we're very close to finishing the whole process of domain transfer.

See where it says Nameservers? Click that button that says "Change" and you should see this page:

Change NameServers

Now all you have to do at this step is first to remove all those nameservers. There is a trash icon you can use to delete. Or instead, you can just replace those nameservers with the nameservers you got from Cloudflare. Remember the last step we ended up when we were at Cloudflare? Now just copy those nameservers from Cloudlfare and put them to replace the ones you see on GoDaddy.

After that click Save.

Congratulations 🎉 …You have successfully transferred your domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

One last thing you have to remember is that next time you go back to Cloudflare they might ask for that authorization code you got from GoDaddy. Just enter it to finish the whole process.

Any questions? Please leave a comment below.


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